HYT - A Professional Steel Product Source Factory

HYT, a leading supplier in the global market, specializes in providing an extensive range of steel materials, including stainless, carbon, alloy steel, and chrome-moly pipe and tube. These high-quality products cater to the critical needs of the processing, energy, manufacturing, fabrication, and construction industries, demonstrating our commitment to diverse industrial requirements.

Established in 2015, Jiangsu HYT International Trading Co., Ltd. stands as a fully-owned subsidiary of Wuxi Lusheng Special Steel Co., Ltd. Our foundation is built on a strong commitment to extending our reach beyond domestic borders, focusing on international sales and market exploration for a vast array of steel pipes. This strategic position enables us to serve a wider audience and meet the sophisticated demands of global markets.

Proudly recognized as a high-tech enterprise, our group has achieved prestigious certifications from ISO and SGS, affirming our dedication to excellence. We seamlessly integrate research, development, production, and sales processes to deliver superior steel pipes crafted from stainless steel, carbon steel, and alloy steel. Equipped with over 50 state-of-the-art cold drawing and cold rolling production lines in our independent factories, HYT is adept at fulfilling clients' demands for quality, quantity, precision, and customized solutions.

Over the years, Jiangsu HYT has not only established but also nurtured long-lasting relationships with a substantial number of loyal clients through meticulous management and dedicated export practices. Our reputation for reliability and quality has earned us accolades from numerous foreign customers, reinforcing our position in the international market.

Looking ahead, Jiangsu HYT remains unwavering in our promise to deliver superior, made-in-China steel pipes, alongside personalized and comprehensive service to our international clientele. We are poised to continue our legacy of excellence, ensuring that our partners and clients receive nothing but the best in both product quality and customer service.

HYT provides unsurpassed customer service and value-added solutions, including:

● A large “in-stock” inventory

● Cost containment

● Inventory management

● Productivity enhancement

● Scheduling proficiency

Click on the links below to learn more about what makes HYT a leader in the steel pipe and tubing industry.

Factory Equipment

HYT has a complete set of factory production equipment to produce pipes and tubes exactly conform to the quantity and quality that customers demand. Learn more about HYT factory production equipment here.

Inspection Equipment

HYT has a complete set of factory inspection equipment to carry out various tests of pipes and tubes. Learn more about HYT factory inspection equipment here.

ISO Certification

HYT has achieved the ISO 9001:2015 14001: 2015 45001:2018 certification, demonstrating dedication to constant improvement. Learn more here.

Major Industries Served

HYT metal products are widely used in various industries and experience the challenges from all walk of life. Click here to know more.

Mission and Vision

HYT is dedicated to being a leader in the steel industry. Learn more here.

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